St Romain Village

St Romain

St Romain, a tranquil village just 3km west of Meursault.

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St Romain, approximately 3km west from Meursault, is a relatively undiscovered wine village. Set well off the main road and just below the limestone escarpment, it enjoys the shelter and tranquility of everyday French village life. The local wine-making and more famously, barrel-making families have been crafting their produce here for many generations. 

The village is split in two sections; the lower part is the heart of the village with most of the houses, the Mairie and the reliable restaurant/café, hotel. The upper part is where you find the 12th century church and the ruins of the old chateau; a perfect place for a summer picnic with panoramic views overlooking the vineyards and, in the distance, Meursault.

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